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2022 Lesson Plans


This inquiry for African American Studies explores the impact of music on the mid-century Civil Rights Movement. The inquiry includes relevant sources and graphic organizers for students.

Nathan Merz, Pin Oak Middle School


Black women have always been at the forefront of anti-racist movements. This inquiry explores three ways that Black women advocated for causes during the 19th century.

Iesha Washington, Billy Reagan K-8 Educational Center


The United States' population has grown increasingly diverse since the founding of the nation. With that growth, the nation has struggled to incorporate new groups into the democracy as people have fought for voting rights. This inquiry explores how access to suffrage has changed over time as well as challenges to civic participation today.

Dr. Sonia Noyola, Northside High School


Art has long been used as a form of protest by many different people. This inquiry uses primary sources to help students understand the background of the Harlem Renaissance and explore the extent to which artists, writers, and musicians used their work to push the nation on civil rights. 

Joseph Morin, Houston Academy for International Studies


The period after the Civil War saw significant changes for formerly enslaved people: New rights, economic and educational opportunities, and community development. It also saw great threats to the rights of freed men and women at the hands of people who wanted to reinstate the older social order. In this inquiry, students will explore the experiences of Black people during the Reconstruction period, with a focus on local history.

Nelva Williamson, Young Women's College Preparatory Academy


Mexican Americans have organized for civil rights and equal protection since the 19th century. This inquiry explores the strategies used by Mexican American organizations from the 20th century to present and asks students to evaluate which tactics have worked and why.

Greg Aydt- Chavez High School


The date of independence and freedom is marked as July 4, 1776. However, not all people living in the colonies were free. This lesson explores Juneteenth as a celebration of independence and asks students to contemplate the holidays that we celebrate.

Sydney Byro, Hartman Middle School

juneteenth in houston.jpg

Missions were established by the Spanish across New Spain in an attempt to bring Christianity and European customs to Indigenous people. But how did the missions impact Native Americans? This inquiry explores that question as students evaluate primary and secondary sources in a Texas, U.S. or Mexican American history class.

Matthew Tharp, Holland Middle School


Civil disobedience has long been a practice of activists who feel they are fighting against unjust laws. In this inquiry, students will use examine primary sources to define civil disobedience and examine its use in several different historical events. 

Amber Jones, Meyerland Middle School

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